If you are not sure which of these two majors you will enroll in, select the one you are more likely to enroll in. Remember that the Las Vegas Scholars Program only supports students majoring in either computer engineering or computer science.
Write a 500-800 word essay that answers the following questions. (It is recommended that you write and edit this statement in a separate document and then copy and paste it here.)
1. What life experiences have shaped who you are today, how and why? Specifically, what challenges, barriers, and/or forms of adversity have you faced and how have you responded to them?
2. What kinds of support networks have you had/do you have in your life? Who has been your strongest educational supporter, and how?
3. What kinds of leadership roles have you held (for example, babysitting for siblings/neighbors, acting as a translator for a family member or neighbor, serving as an informal or formal teacher’s aide in high school, being a team captain, being a leader in your community, etc.)?
4. What has sparked your interest in becoming a computer engineer or computer scientist?
5. Describe several skills, qualities, or characteristics that you believe will help you succeed in college generally, and in computer engineering or computer science specifically.
The Summer Bridge Program is from July 27, 2020 through August 21, 2020. The commitment during that time will be five days a week (Monday through Friday) for at least 7 hours per day. Las Vegas Scholars will enroll in 1-2 UNLV courses during this time that will both help them complete their degree and acclimatize to the UNLV campus. The program will also include an orientation on Saturday, July 25, 2020.
To complete your application you must also do the following two things:
1. Transcript: Email your unofficial high school transcript to: lvscholars@unlv.edu. The subject of the email should be: LVSP - transcript for your name. (For example, if your name is Jane Gonzalez, you would write the email subject as: LVSP - transcript for Jane Gonzalez.)
2. Two Recommendation Letters: Ask two recommenders to email their recommendation letters to: lvscholars@unlv.edu (the subject of the email should be: LVSP recommendation for your name) The recommendation letters may be a PDF attachment to the email or plain text included in the body of the email.

The transcript and recommendation letters must be received by Friday, January 17th, 2020 at 5pm.